Almost Honest

With the release of their second full length studio album “Seiches and Sirens” and their appearance in the esteemed “Classic Rock Magazine” the groovy sexy viking funk doom rock trio Almost Honest have made quite a name for themselves. Born in New Cumberland, Pa in 2013 these cats have been bringing energetic and memorable live performances across the east coast. Shayne Reed lays down the thundering vocals and groovy guitar while Seth Jackson brings the funky rhythm with his bass. Lastly Quinten Spangler is the time keeper and beat god. Fans never leave a concert unsatisfied and with a sound as unique as there's, who can blame them? They have been featured in such publications as Classic Rock Magazine, Doomed & Stoned, and The Obelisk. They have cemented themselves as a force to be reckoned with. This doom rock group have also played with such amazing acts as Revocation, Astronoid, and Moon Tooth. These guys are the ones you will want to keep your eyeballs on because they are carving there own piece of music funkery and they want you to be apart of the ride.


Mike Matteson grew up on blues and classic rock. His first band, Electrified, was a blues rock cover band. In high school, Mike met guitarist Noah Kolb who introduced him to punk and grunge. They formed the punk band Toxic Shock in 2014. Then they formed a sludge metal band, Stumphead, featuring bassist Wolfgang Noll in 2015. Later in 2015, Mike joined the psychedelic-alternative band Seption featuring Michael Gisli Albert, again with Noah. Eventually all of these bands collapsed and Mike formed the rock and roll juggernaut The Lizard People with Wolfgang, Gisli, and Noah. After leaving The Lizard People, he recorded his first two solo albums, Teenage Man and Gong Bangin’, which were released in February 2017. In February 2018, Mike released the Chocolate Milk EP with MAD Dragon Records. Mike has been playing live both as a one-man band and with his garage rock band, Mike Matteson & The Sketchy Freaks. In 2019, all hell will break loose. New releases and a new band are coming.

Snake Legs

As raw as it gets with whilst still staying listenable. Garage punk but with actual punk in it. What Mike wants you to know, is that there was blood spilled whilst working on Snake Legs. BUT, this is Snake Legs... Not Mike Matteson.

The Stone Eye

Rising from the ashes of absolutely nothing but the remnants of Uncle Earl's canned Budweiser in 2014, The Stone Eye is an electrifying rock band from Philadelphia, PA. Combining elements of stoner, alternative, progressive, & garage rock comes a hard hitting yet catchy style of music. Hell, we'd wager that there's even more styles of music which they draw inspiration from. Crazy, right? Following a plethora of releases dating back to 2014, The Stone Eye is at it yet again with their latest 2018 LP "Kevlar, Kryptonite, Gloria". This one's for you, Uncle Earl.


Heavy psychedelic doom metal from the post-industrial wasteland of Wilkes-Barre. Prepare for an all out assault on your senses.

Fever Dreamers

Boring, hypnotic things with no conventional chords - almost like a morning cigarette with your hangover. One of their girlfriends asked in response to a song she heard "Who hurt you?". Yeah, that just about sums it up.


Riffs upon Riffs for days. This isn't typical metal, this is Doom metal. There aren't any breakdowns or pig screech vocals. We've taken a time machine with metal and play the way it was meant to be play. Born from the molten pits of Schindendorg to hunt down and destroy trolls... But in the meantime they write metal/stoner rock songs.